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Workhorse Marketing Recognized by Davey Awards

The first major awards competition for smaller agencies, The Davey Awards, honors the achievements of the small agencies or the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas without the support of inflated budgets. Responsible for the judging and supervision of the awards are members of The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). The AIVA is a member-based organization made up of professionals from different disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the changing nature of traditional and interactive media.

Workhorse Marketing is proud to have our website design and development skills recognized with 3 prestigious Davey Awards.

The Award:
Gold for General-Health & Health Services


Sympliant is a healthcare technology company working to revolutionize the monitoring, analytics, tracking and reporting functions in the GI lab. Their “endoscopy done better” approach to revolutionizing endoscope reprocessing compliance is built on the mission of improving patient safety while also helping endoscopy professionals be more proficient at their jobs.

Composite screenshots of the Sympliant website displayed on a laptop computer, a tablet, and a smartphone.

The Project:
Helping a Healthcare Technology Company Revolutionize Their Field

Workhorse took the plunge starting with an agile strategy and then diving headfirst into a variety of processes. To understand exactly how Sympliant solves the problem of an improved endoscopic workflow, Workhorse interviewed real users in both on-site lab interviews and in simulations. The discoveries of these findings were effectively integrated into the Sympliant’s brand identity and messaging as well as the UX and UI of their digital platform.

Time and cost savings were achieved by adopting an agile manufacturing approach that incorporated rapid prototyping, user testing, user feedback, and real-time interactions. With the platform’s creation underway, Workhorse’s team used parallel procedures to complete the Sympliant brand identity, marketing website, presentation deck, swag, and more.

The Results of Website Design and Development & Branding

Sympliant’s reimagining of the entire endoscopic workflow, a system that addresses every task in the continuum of endoscope reprocessing revolutionized the monitoring, analytics, tracking and reporting functions in the GI lab, and Workhorse’s role as a digital architect, helped bring Sympliant’s vision to life.


The Award:
Gold for General-Health & Health Services

ARA Diagnostic Imaging

ARA has been in the diagnostic imaging field since 1954 and has over 17 imaging centers around Texas. They are working to improve access to first-rate imaging technology.

Composite screenshots of the ARA Diagnostic Imaging website displayed on a laptop computer, a tablet, and a smartphone.

The Project:
Improving User Experience for Patients and Providers

Workhorse’s strategy began with a comprehensive study of ARA’s established brand, the market, current analytics, and user behavior. That data was then utilized to plan both the creative and technical methods in order to best achieve ARA’s own goals and objectives. Being able to analyze the last 3 years of user behavior allowed for a strategic approach to the design and structure for ARA’s new website.

The Results of Website Design and Development & Marketing and Advertising

By focusing on the mobile experience, local optimization opportunities and working together on ongoing marketing efforts, ARA’s new site has continued to see increases in engagement and conversions. Launched in November of 2019, site users have increased, creating a nearly 10% increase in sessions, and over a 16% increase in mobile traffic.

In addition, to the new website, ARA received the benefit of Workhorse’s paired ongoing marketing efforts resulting in a 44% increase in overall global click-to-call conversions have increased by 44% and a nearly 11% increase to overall goal completions. By focusing on the mobile experience, local optimization opportunities and working together on ongoing marketing efforts, the ARA’s website is projected to continue to see increases in engagement and conversions.


The Award:
Silver for General-Non-Profit

Rodeo Austin

Rodeo Austin is a nonprofit organization that is focused on delivering high-value entertainment experiences, in the form of rodeo, to support their mission of youth education. The company prides itself on its creativity within the culture of the Austin area and bringing it to life through their events by “providing gritty fun while also raising millions to support Texas children since 1938.”

Composite screenshots of the Rodeo Austin website displayed on a laptop computer, a tablet, and a smartphone.

The Project:
Evolving the Rodeo Austin Experience

For Rodeo Austin, having a user-friendly website was important for the success of their events and community programs. Two critical aspects of the project were to develop a cleaner backend to save time and energy in maintaining their website, as well as a better user experience to increase user participation and drive ticket sales. Being able to incorporate Rodeo Austin’s history, personality, and community was key to the project, because they provide such a significant cultural experience to the local Austin area.

The website was designed to bring Rodeo Austin’s extensive photos, content, and comprehensive event calendar together to create an interactive and engaging format.
Workhorse was able to refine the user flow by streamlining the sign-up ticket purchase process while still maintaining a strong design. To make the site maintenance and upkeep simpler for Rodeo Austin, Workhorse unified their backend and established a bespoke automated process for managing content.

The Results of Website Design and Development

For the first time in years, the Rodeo Austin team now has control and flexibility over their site, allowing them to update it as needed for each season. With fewer platforms to manage and the ability to handle forms and reports internally is a proven major game-changer for their Rodeo season. Finally, the site is now part of Workhorse’s SEO program, where their SEO health will be constantly maintained and improved for their upcoming rodeo seasons.

Allie Higgs, Director of Digital Services, says: “Working together with the Rodeo Austin team, Workhorse was able to create a custom web experience, that not only helped bring the mission and community impact to the forefront but also created a better visual and user experience for their different audiences, while providing a more streamlined backend and management process for the internal team as well.” As a result, the new Rodeo Austin website is optimized for more engagement than ever before thanks to these improvements.


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