Frost Gelato

Helping a Local Gelato Start-up Go International

Marketing Goals

Frost Gelato is one of Workhorse’s most tenured clients with our relationship dating back to 2004 when they opened their first location in Tucson, Arizona. As technology has evolved, their website of 8 years lacked in providing a modern experience across various platforms and devices. A need for a new website led us to create the new along with a “Flavor Shaker” Progressive Web App (PWA) to help give customers more options and drive sales.

Frost Gelato Website Homepage by Workhorse Marketing

Our Solution

The process began with our formulated brand strategy process helping to gain a comprehensive understanding of their expanded marketplace, competition, and target audiences. With these data points, we moved into creating a user experience (UX) for the website and “Flavor Shaker” web app. After producing each using our clean code techniques and search engine optimization, the website and web app were launched.

Mobile view of Frost Gelato Homepage Mobile navigation menu on Frost Gelato site Frost Gelato website mobile view Frost Gelato

What We Did

Brand Strategy
User Experience Design (UX)
Graphic Design
Website Design and Development
Progressive Web App Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization
Hosting and Maintenance
Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App
Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App Frost Flavor Shaker Progressive Web App


The new Frost Gelato website helps provide an improved brand and user experience to tens of thousands of customers across the globe. The new “Flavor Shaker” Progressive Web App helps Frost provide a unique user experience to their customers, resulting in increased purchase frequency and up-sales.

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