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Nathanael Tyre

Director of Marketing

Over his career, Nathanael has had the opportunity to work on various marketing projects from nonprofit to startup and large-scale organizations. Initially, his career centered around content creation and distribution across physical copy and digital marketing. As Web2.0 progressed, so did Nathanael in his reservoir of knowledge and practical experience in community engagement, marketing strategy, and branding. He attained a Communication degree from UNC Wilmington and various certificates including; Google Analytics and Ads, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

“Like a Rubik’s Cube, I find excitement in solving puzzles that require time and memorization of complex algorithms to connect what is seemingly impossible and complete what was once in disarray.”

Nathanael is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. When he’s not searching the internet for insights, you can find him in your local nature trail, art scene, martial arts dojo, or dog park with his puppy, Panda.

Nathanael Tyre of Workhorse Marketing.