/ By Amber Tayama

Passing the SEMrush Technical SEO Exam

Workhorse likes to celebrate and share our successes. Recently, our Development Project Manager, Josh Power, took and passed the SEMrush Technical SEO Exam. Other team members are SEO certified, but Josh wanted to continue his personal career goals while developing a stronger base of knowledge at our agency.

Prior to working with SEMrush and studying for the certification, Josh was always “…piecing together third party apps.” With the programs and technology available through Workhorse, Josh was able to cultivate his SEO knowledge. “When I was hired, I had more SEO experience as a developer implementing basic strategies that I developed, but not the broader strategy of a marketing agency. These lessons helped fill in the areas I was lacking.”

Josh explains how this certification positively affects Workhorse, “It’s important as a building block to grow our team. You can’t implement deeper SEO strategy and keyword optimization or backlink to a site that isn’t positioned to leverage inbound signals.”

By taking the eight modules designed to technically train on SEMrush, Josh learned a few new things he was not expecting to as well. “I learned tactics for international SEO which has a lot of complexity. I’m excited to see how we can use this with clients.”

The program covered multiple lessons and broke down the areas that it audited, “…so the inner workings of why search engines are looking at data were fleshed out. It was also focused more on why the software does what it does, not on the software itself.”

For Josh, this was a personal goal for the quarter. Since his department is tasked with growing the other side of SEO, not just keeping sites technically healthy, he wants to make sure client keyword rankings and other stats improve. Josh looks forward to continuing to advance his technical SEO knowledge.

Workhorse is proud to cultivate team members by supporting their personal developmental goals. Congratulations, Josh, on acquiring your SEMrush Technical SEO Certification!

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